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Be Real, Be Heard, Be Influential World leader in leadership communications reveals her Speak To Influence ® formula for leading teams, closing sales and providing world-class customer service.  

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As the signature voice of Citibank Susan Berkley is one of the most listened to voices in America, but she's also revolutionized the art and science of voice mastery and persuasive speaking in the United states and abroad. Her book "Speak To Influence: How To Unlock The Hidden Power Of Your Voice" is a business presentations bestseller.  

A former radio personality, top voice over artist and founder of The Great Voice Company, she has been featured on MSNBC, ABC News, CNBC and in the New York Times and Business Week. 

  A sought after professional speaker, Susan is a pioneer in innovative and highly effective forms of persuasive speaking techniques for sales and business professionals. She excels in empowering speakers to gain confidence and build trust, by identifying and deploying their unique Vocal Influence Type™ 

She consults privately for a select group of qualified individuals and conducts coaching and training programs in her proprietary "Speak To Influence" ® techniques for clients including: 

  • Advisors Excel, a national financial services marketing organization with over $5 billion in annuity sales  
  • Skanska, a world-leading project development and construction group  
  • Oasis Outsourcing, a top PEO professional employer organization 
  •  Shire Pharmaceuticals, a global specialty pharmaceutical company
  • Agora/New Market Health, a leading publishing and supplement company  


Secret #1: You must optimize your voice 

The first step is to identify and eliminate vocal sticking points, or “verbal viruses” that contaminate your speech. Examples are speaking too fast, using too many non words, mumbling or sounding too nasal, weak or wimpy. The second step is to enhance your natural speaking voice and learn to play it like a finely tuned instrument to build what I call the “Four Pillars of Trust”: credibility, authenticity, reliability and security.  

Secret #2: Your voice is your brand. What does it say about you?

When people hear your voice they form an image in their mind and experience feelings in their gut. The question is this: is the image one you want? On of my client companies found this out the hard way. They were building a world-class company but they made one very big mistake. They weren’t listening to the front desk. The woman answering the phones used sloppy speech and did not provide the high level of customer service the company stood for. My clients got a one star review until we worked together to get their rating back to five stars where they wanted it to be.

Secret #3: Your voice is your greatest opportunity to trigger trust

Your voice sends messages about your credibility, empathy, authenticity and reliability- whether you like it or not. A more credible voice will clarify your value proposition and underscore the most valuable parts of your presentation, help you tell a great sales story and have your prospects hanging on your every word, and help you inspire your prospects and lead your team.

Secret #4: Enhance your credibility with the 4 Vocal Influence Types

I have observed that voices tend to fall into four distinct categories: Trust, Authority, Enthusiasm and Charm. I call them the Vocal Influence Types. The Vocal Influence Types do three things: help set the mood and tone of your conversations, help hold listener attention, enhance your authority and credibility. Even though you have a primary Vocal Influence Type most of us speak by using a combination of one or two different types. You can learn to adopt a vocal influence type when you need to use it by using a combination of keywords, imagery and body language.

Secret #5: To build your company’s brand you must audit your company’s spoken image

Is your brand at risk? If you are not actively monitoring every spoken communication in your company I believe it is. This will not happen automatically or by accident. You must have a plan and in this case the plan is called a brand evangelism audit. A brand evangelism audit takes a listen to all spoken communications: your people on the frontlines, your sales people, your executives, your presentations, your videos, your marketing, your training and YOU. You must ensure that all spoken communications are consistent with the message you want to portray. Evaluate rate of speech. Check for clarity of diction. Call the company after hours. Listen to your outgoing voice mail. And call us if you need help.

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